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Understanding Your Story to Build a Stronger Financial Future


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Our approach to managing our finances is often rooted in what we learn about money early on.

From the Silent Generation to newly retiring Baby Boomers and from Gen X and Millenials to the Zoomers now entering the workplace, our stories about money are shaped by various factors such as our upbringing, experiences, and emotions. In Your Money Narrative, Amy R. Cook, MSPFP, CFP brings these narratives to life and explores solutions to common financial dilemmas in a straightforward, simplified approach to financial planning.

By pairing her insight and experience, Amy's collection of relatable money stories is crafted to guide you in discovering your narratives. She knows that money doesn't come with a manual, but is shaped by the narratives we construct around it.

It's time to embark on a journey fueled by curiosity and self-discovery, eliminate unnecessary worry, and confidently build a stronger financial future.


Embarking on a financial journey requires not only commitment and determination but the right tools to help along the way. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you asked yourself "where do I start?"


This page provides a curated collection of supplemental worksheets and checklists tailored to assist you in making informed financial decisions and streamlining processes.


Whether you're just getting started, looking to buy a home, or struggling to navigate finances amidst loss or divorce, our resources are designed to help guide you through these often confusing or overwhelming circumstances with easy-to-follow steps and suggestions.

As a thank you, we have two checklists available to you - for free!

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Amy R. Cook is a Certified Financial Planner™ professional residing and working in San Mateo, California, serving clients nationwide from her local office. With twenty years of experience in financial services, Amy and her team help clients across varied industries and life stages, underscoring that strategic financial planning is integral to making informed decisions and achieving long-term objectives. In her free time, Amy loves working on her decorating projects, building small-scale dollhouses, and restoring vintage typewriters.

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