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Building Your Binder

Building Your Binder


Organize and secure your financial future with our guide to building a financial planning binder. This essential tool is tailored to help you gather and manage critical financial documents at any stage of life. Our guide walks you through compiling key records such as bank statements, investment accounts, insurance policies, estate planning documents, and tax returns. It also includes tips for categorizing and updating these documents regularly, ensuring easy access and clarity in your financial affairs. Whether for day-to-day management or long-term planning, this binder becomes a centralized resource, providing peace of mind and an invaluable reference for you and your family. Start constructing your financial planning binder today for a more organized and secure tomorrow.

  • License

    For personal use only license. Want to use this checklist as a resource for your clients? Please see the “Advisor Use” license option. The checklists are available as hi-res downloads. Read the full license here. Building Your Binder Checklist © 2023 by Amy R Cook is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

  • Refund Policy

    This product is a digital download. No refunds will be issued.

  • Receiving Your Checklist

    This digital file will be immediately available for download post purchase as well sent via email.

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